Pertness - Swiss Highland Metal

Current album "Metamorphosis" (Reviews here)

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Official Video-Clip "Metamorphosis"

The new album "Metamorphosis" is officially released!



Pertness, the leading Swiss Metal band is back with another strike! Power, melodic Thrash, Celtic Elements and so much more you will hear in the new songs again.

“Metamorphosis” is the 4th album and the successful predecessors “Seven times Eternity", "From the Beginning to the End" and "Frozen Time" are still in our minds, because of the many positive feedback in the past. Fresh, riff based songs with the unique Pertness style dynamic sound make us feel great again!!!



1. Metamorphosis

2. Fortress

3. Words Of Lies

4. Firestorm

5. Left Behind

6. I'm A Slave

7. Face To Face With Hell

8. Flying To The Sun

9. Waves Of Pain

10. There's A Storm In My Mind

Total Playing Time: 38:29 min



Tom Schluchter – vocals, guitars

Tom Zurbrügg – guitars

Marcel Bühler – bass

Tobi Hari – drums


Coverartwork: Jeremias Huber -



“Metamorphosis” @ PURE STEEL RECORDS

Video of our German Fanclub (Song cutouts)

Official Video Clip "Frozen Time"

"Frozen Time Video" - Making of

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