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When: Saturday, 3th of November 2018
Event: Swordbrothers @
Where:, Winistorf (CH)
Bands: Pertness, Excelsis, Gonoreas

Further Shows

When: Saturday, 10th of November 2018
Event: Concert
Where: Improvisorium, Huttwil (CH)
Bands: Pertness, Excelsis
When: Saturday, 30th of November 2018
Event: Underdogs Rising Festival Vol. 1
Where: Flösserplatz, Aarau (CH)
Bands: Pertness, Emerald, Gonoreas, Dark Zodiac, Grin)
When: Saturday, 1st of December 2018
Event: Metal Marmot Festival
Where: Hotel Simplon, Frutigen (CH)
Bands: Pertness (CD-Release Party), Kilmister, Medusas Child, Constraint, Calico
When: Saturday, 16th of March 2019
Event: Headbangers Night XVI
Where: Konken (D)
Bands:  Pertness, Hells Alley 5, Evertale, Skanners