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When: Saturday, 29th of April 2017
Event:  Biosphäre Rock Fest 2017
Where:  MZH Escholzmatt/LU
Bands:  Pertness, Devils Rage, Hairdryer, Crown of Glory and many others

Further Shows

When: Friday, 11th of August 2017
Event:  Mannrieder Open Air
Where:  Schulweg, Zweisimmen (CH)
Bands:  Pertness, Kilmister, Emerald and others
When: Saturday, 30th of September 2017
Event: Swiss Metal Attack
Where: Z7, Pratteln (CH)
Bands:  Pertness, Comaniac, Final Crusade and others
When: Saturday, 7th of October 2017
Event:  Freezing Metal Night
Where: Das O, Spiez (CH)
Bands:  Pertness, Grave Digger, Crematory, Iron Maidnem, Nekropolis