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When: 19th of February 2022
Event: Concert
Where: Altes Kino, Landeck (A)
Bands: Pertness with Mission in Black & Dying Eden

Further Shows

When: 26th of February 2022
Event: Concert
Where: Met Bar, Lenzburg (CH)
Bands: Pertness with Dreams in Fragments
When: 7th of May 2022
Event: Wacker Hill Night
Where: Gumbsweiler (D)
Bands: Pertness with Red Raven, Demons Dream, Traffic
When: 3th of September 2022
Event: Hard Summer Festival
Where: Falkenfels (D)
Bands: Pertness, Debauchery, Arctic Flame, Valiant Viper, Tuxedoo, Turbokill, Mass, Mission in Black, Shockwave, AC/DX